The Union Yoga & Strength

Free Mat or Towel Rental

Whether you need to dry off during your work out or after your shower we got your covered with our towels. Forgot your mat? Boom! We have that too.

Free Ultima Packet

Forgot to hydrate properly today? Feeling a little sluggish? Throw a packet of Ultima into 8 ounces of water and you'll be feeling brand new in no time! Have you tried mixing lemonade and raspberry together? You're welcome!

Free Smart Water or Vitamin Water

"I knew I forgot something!" you say to yourself as you walk into the studio. Grab a drink from our cooler. Ain't nobody got time for stressing over forgotten water.

Free Coconut Water or O2

Phew! That was a tough workout! Put the pep back in your step with a coconut water or can of O2.

$5 Off Entire Retail Purchase

I know you've been eyeing those new shorts. Treat yo self!

The Union/BAM T-Shirt

Is your shirt too sweaty to keep on while you run errands after class? Throw on one of our comfy Union/BAM T-shirts and you are good to go!

Free Class

Score! What's better than free fitness?

$20 off a 10 Class Card, Payment on The Stallion or The Unicorn

You know what feels really good? Saving some money. Keep that bill in your wallet because now you can take $20 off the purchase price of a 10 Class Card, your next payment on The Stallion or off The Unicorn Package.

1 Month of Unlimited Classes

You've done it! Congrats! This month is on us.