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Brass Angels

a free class for a friend

Receive 1 free class, for a friend, when you redeem 250 points.

a free class

Receive 1 free class, for yourself, when you redeem 300 points.

Brass Angels swag

Receive 1 Brass Angels swag item (tank top, notebook, etc.) when you redeem 400 points. Valid on any product bearing the Brass Angels logo or any LightActive Wear clothing item (while supplies last).

Pleasers shoes gift certificate for up to $40.00

Receive a discount of up to $40.00 towards a Pleasers shoe order when you redeem 500 points. One certificate per pair of shoes only.

50% off your monthly membership

Receive 50% off your monthly membership for 1 month when you redeem 1,500 points.